Find out which capability gaps (needs) the stakeholders have today and which innovative solutions may be addressing these needs.
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Discover the innovative Crisis and Disaster Management Solutions.
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Discover the Crisis Management Trials.
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Discover the Crisis Management organisation in different EU states.

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Explore the publications relevant to organisation, execution and asessment of the Crisis Management Trials
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Click here to explore the Crisis Management functions taxonomy and other taxonomies that are used to characterise the content on this site.  


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What is the Portfolio of Solutions

Learn about the Portfolio of Solutions
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What is the Trial Guidance Tool?

Learn more about the Trial Guidance Tool - a step by step workflow tool for designing trials.
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Learn about the European Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre

About PoS

This web site provides several online services addressing innovation, technological development and demonstration activities in Crisis Management and aiming at improving European resilience: a Gaps Explorer, a Portfolio of CM Solutions, a Trial Guidance Tool, an extensive CM terminology, as well as automated matching of solutions to gaps and other solutions.

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eu These services have been initially developed in the scope of DRIVER+ project. Today, the service is managed by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH., for the benefit of the European Crisis Management, and endorsed and supported by the Disaster Competence Network Austria (DCNA) as well as by the STAMINA and TeamAware H2020 projects.