This web site is the Portfolio of Solutions (PoS), a web database that aims to facilitate a shared CM understanding in Europe.

PoS Offer

Main PoS/TGT functions are:

In addition, the site also hosts:

  • Taxonomy of CM functions and other taxonomies that are used to tag and discover information.
  • Extensive Crisis Management Terminology 
  • Trial guidance handbook: explaining why and how to develop Trials
  • Trial guidance knowledge database: annotated references to scientific papers relevant to CM Trials.
  • Country profiles: Information on management in different countries.

Join the PoS community!

PoS is a community-driven site, closely aligned with CMINE and complementary to DRMKC. You should ask for an account and join us if:

  1. You wish to advertise your Solution(s) in the PoS catalogue.
  2. You have a mandate to define strategic CM gaps and wish to share these gaps with the community.
  3. You are CDM practitioner and wish to design a Trial and test the usability of Solutions in this Trial.
  4. You have already conducted a Trial-like event and wish to share the findings with the community
  5. You wish to communicate with solution owners, Trial participants or simply be informed of the changes.
  6. You are already CMINE member and want to contribute to PoS/TGT in any way.

More information

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What is the Portfolio of Solutions

Learn about the Portfolio of Solutions
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What is the Trial Guidance Tool?

Learn more about the Trial Guidance Tool - a step by step workflow tool for designing trials.
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Learn about the European Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre
eu Portfolio of Solutions web site has been initially developed in the scope of DRIVER+ project. Today, the service is managed by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH., for the benefit of the European Management. PoS is endorsed and supported by the Disaster Competence Network Austria (DCNA) as well as by the STAMINA and TeamAware H2020 projects.